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Our History

We have been running for over a decade and churches continue to join us in this outreach to children. We are currently working with many different churches from over 17 different denominations and already talking to many more. We are excited about what God is doing and have no idea where He will lead us as this outreach continues to grow, but we will continue to follow Him as He leads.

Club DJ is based on the covenant relationship between two friends David and Jonathan. We read about them in the book of I Samuel. David was a shepherd boy, the youngest in a family of eight boys and Jonathan was a prince, son of King Saul. Everyone would have thought that Jonathan would be king but God had other plans. Instead, God chose David to be the next king of Israel. You might think that Jonathan would be jealous, but instead, Jonathan made a covenant with David and promised to do all he could to help David become all that God wanted him to be. What a friend! Jonathan gave up all he had for David’s sake, and the Bible says David became a man after God’s own heart and that the Lord was with him.