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Q. How many weeks does Club DJ usually run?

Club DJ's usually start in September and run till the first week of December. They start up again in January once school begins again and runs till the end of April. Depending on events in each community this may vary a little from church to church.

Q. Do we have to use the Club DJ crafts?

The Club DJ crafts have been made available to help churches in this area and can be ordered as needed. From time to time some churches have individuals who are very capable in this area and can come up with their own craft ideas. The only thing we ask is that the crafts are a quality craft that the children will be excited about and want to keep.

Q. Do we need to wait to start up Club DJ till the fall?

We believe if God is putting it on your heart to start up a Club DJ the best time to start is now! It is important to remember the purpose of Club DJ. To reach the children in the community, win them to Christ, and disciple them to have hearts that desire to please God. The cost of waiting is too great!